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2 in 1
The logotype and identity
for the fast food restaurant

"2in1" is double enjoy the juicy dishes of fast food cuisine.

"2in1" depart from the usual understanding of the concept of a fast food restaurant. The founders collected all the best that gave the world a fast-food fashion in an interesting menu: a customer could order a hot pizza and after a couple of mouth-watering burgers in one institution! The "2in1" network offers a qualitatively new approach to satisfying the client's desires – instead of a conservative narrow specialization the restaurant offers all the favorite dishes at once.

"2in1" will be a godsend for lovers of eating in the atmosphere of a fashiona-ble place and real gourmets. Here, the best ingredients are used to achieve the best results.

The combination of disparate parts into a whole is at the basis of the achievements of human civilization. In Wally Pfister's film "Transcendence", we see how one mind absorbs everything that comes its way, until it comes to its ultimate goal – absolute perfection.

The idea of synthesis of the best in one thing lies at the heart of "2in1" network, we decided to reflect it with geometric forms. The semicircle on top of the logo looks like a part of hamburger, but the wedged piece of pizza changes the perception of the object: common arched lines show that different dishes are a continuation of each other. The yellow color that underlies the corporate identity is associated with cheese, which is perfect for making fast food, and the disparate ingredients that make up the logo are combined into a single picture: a pizzburger with a filling of "2in1".
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Логомашина дает гарантии на срок и качество каждого фирменного стиля. Чтобы поддерживать такую высокую планку, мы собрали в нашем офисе крутую команду из дизайнеров и менеджеров.
Над этим дизайном работали:
Регина Куштанова
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Дизайнер анимации
Михаил Игнатов
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Даниил Гребенников
Штатный дизайнер
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