Fairytales Flavours
Client’s story

'Fairytales Flavours' is an absolutely new and amazing product dedicated to the food industry. Our client makes natural aromas which can also be used in the kitchen.
Our task

Identity should show everyone that 'Fairytales Flavours' is about food. Design will be used on the packaging, so it needs to be adaptive to the whole line of the product.
The logo

Lines of the logo are forming the shape of a drop. It shows the story of the project: where the brand roots grow from.

The logo is a monogram, this is the reason why it’s so adaptive and recognizable. Minimalistic sign without complex details is easy to remember.

The monogram will always be looking good on any of brand-items: on the website, the packaging or social media.

It’s elegant, neat with his own unique character. The best choice for the unusual project like 'Fairytales Flavours'!
Corporate color

We’ve added a few awesome colors to a brand palette. Those shades are associated with any type of food. Like, yellow reminds us about juicy fruits, green about freshness and vegetables, beige about flavorous pastry and yummy desserts.

Besides warm colors here is some cold. Food has different colors, tastes, textures, that’s why the palette is so various. You can find a great color scheme for any task.

Also, It easy to combine these colors because they all are working great together.

Corporate fonts

Minimalistic and cool fonts have a shape that close to the logo’s shape. It increases the perception of design.

We’ve created a fresh and clear solution for the brand pattern. Our team decided to develop images of tasty goods and make the pattern of it. It looks like spots and stains. But if you get closer you can notice lemon, eggplant, or green.

This makes the identity trendy but clients will always get that company is all about culinary.


Quality, clear and fresh — that’s what can you say about new 'Fairytales Flavours' design.

It’s a neat, trendy, usable and spirited identity that will help to provide a conception of the product to the target audience.

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