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Design for consulting company
London, GB
About client

Mashora is a management consulting company that focuses on consulting, public policy, and development. Design is needed because the project will start working this year.
Our task

Mashora’s competitors are companies well established in the field. That’s why our client wants design to look smart, serious, and modern.

Serious and minimalistic identity with a font logotype.

We’ve told a little story about Mashora with elements of the logo. Serif font shows us that the company is a real expert in the field.

Round shaped letters show perfection and good work. The place in the logotype where 'H' becomes 'O' symbolizes unity.
Brand colors

We used an elegant blue color for a brand palette. But this kind of blue looks overly strict, that’s why we added a gradient.

One of our tasks was to made a reference to Arab culture. We decided to make it in more elegant way and put gold in the design, because of an association with sand in a desert.
Corporate identity

Serious, soft and modern design that looks absolutely stunning on different carriers.
Logomachine gives guarantees for the term and quality of each corporate identity. To maintain such a high level, we have assembled a cool team of designers and managers in our office.
Project team
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Vitaly Kontuganov
Lead design
Daniil Ushakov
Tech design
Victoria Slepchevich
Anastasia Galaktionova
Valeriya Kozlova
Project manager
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