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Mid Desert
Magnificence identity for a brand of natural luxury products
United Arab Emirates and Gulf countries
About client

"Mid desert" is the new brand of luxury products. The company sells the best goods to their clients: perfumes, pure ouds, natural oils, air purifiers, candles, saffron, and much more. The brand will be launched soon, so it needs to get awesome design.
Our task

The main task is: create a luxury identity with a specific logotype. Furthermore, this brand is from Saudi Arabia but it is important to make design more European.

Luxurious authentic design with minimalist details.

The logo reflects the company’s name.

The brand logo is neat but here is a secret: the sign drew by only one line. That makes it more elegant and individual.
Color palette

The brand palette takes inspiration in nature. Blue is about the sky, beige — the desert. All colors are not extremely bright, that helps the design to be more magnificent.

The combination of antique and grotesque makes design authentic.
Logomachine gives guarantees for the term and quality of each corporate identity. To maintain such a high level, we have assembled a cool team of designers and managers in our office.
Project team
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Vitaly Kontuganov
Lead design
Daniil Ushakov
Tech design
Victoria Slepchevich
Anastasia Galaktionova
Dmitry Ingovatov
Project manager
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